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The Instagram campaign manager from We Promote Brands for targeting, analysis, management and interaction. Finally more subscribers and likes!

An important topic for influencers, advertisers or public figures in particular - generating new followers and increasing your reach.

But what exactly is behind it?

First of all, to explain the terms. A follower is basically just a subscriber who regularly follows someone's posted content on a social platform. All he has to do is click on a button on the profile of the chosen one. Incidentally, the name – like many others – came about on Twitter. It's always better to have more followers than your own subscriptions.

The reach on Instagram is also relatively easy to explain. It's about how many people you can reach with your posts. So how many see the posts - on their home page or as an advertisement. The more there are, the more you will of course find. And that's just as well. Reach and followers are closely related. It works on a kind of avalanche principle. If you have more followers, the reach increases faster – and vice versa.

Getting followers is an art in itself and often not as easy as you might think. The hardest part is keeping them afterwards. Lay people often think that it is enough to post a few pictures or videos every now and then, but unfortunately this is not the case.

In order to constantly get new followers, you have to invest some work and everything has to fit together perfectly in your own profile. It has to look professional and also interesting.

If you now know about it, then nothing stands in the way of success, because you can really make money with Instagram. And not just a little. All you need is patience, time and the will to invest enough manpower. If you take all of this into account, then the path to becoming an influencer is not far away. A dream job for many people in this world.

In addition to earning money, it is of course also possible to receive free products. The easiest way to do this is to conclude a cooperation agreement with a company and then advertise its products.

After all the information, it still doesn't hurt to find out more for yourself, because the colorful world of Instagram has something new to offer every day. Learning by doing. A few tips from successful influencers or experts in the digital world have also never hurt anyone.

Get started now at We Promote Brands and we'll finally help you to celebrate success on Instagram!